NuNi Stillpads
Nursing pads
Modell im Bett mit Kind und NuNi Stilleinlagen und Stillpads
Modell im Bett mit NuNi Stilleinlagen und Stillpads ohne Still-BH

Nursing pads

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Lieferung enthält zwei Stillpads

  • Schlaf ohne Still-BH: Endlich unbeschwert und ohne Druckgefühl schlafen! Unsere Stillpads bieten die Freiheit, auf unbequeme Still-BHs zu verzichten.
  • Passt auf jede Brust: Egal welche Größe oder Form, unsere Stillpads passen perfekt und bieten ultimativen Komfort in der Nacht.
  • Made in Germany: Unsere Stillpads werden mit Liebe in Deutschland hergestellt, um höchste Qualität zu gewährleisten.

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Enjoy restful sleep - Our patent-pending NuNi nursing pads offer you the perfect alternative to annoying nursing bras and let you enjoy the night to the fullest!

Our nursing pads - MADE IN GERMANY - guarantee you several weeks of restful sleep without a nursing bra!

The pads stick to the breasts by themselves, no additional adhesive is necessary. Simply peel them off the included strap, fix them to the breast, attach the nursing pad by gently pressing it on and voilà - feel the freedom of sleeping in your favorite shirt, without any annoying nursing bras.

Our nursing pads can be used with our cuddly soft washable nursing pads or with standard disposable nursing pads.

Dimensions of the pads:

  • Inner diameter 5.5 cm
  • Diagonal 13.5 cm

A notice:

Not usable with all nipple shields! Please pay attention to the size of the nipple shields and the inner diameter of the NuNis (5.5 cm).

  • Clean the adhesive side with warm water without soap.
  • It must not be put in the washing machine or dryer.
  • Do not iron.
  • Use the included carrier for storage.

Two nursing pads are included.

We ship climate-neutrally and free of charge with DHL GoGreen.

Delivery time is about 1-2 working days.

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frequently asked Questions

Yes. The nursing pads are suitable for all cup sizes. The soft silicone fits perfectly to your breast and guarantees a secure hold.

If you take good care of it, you can use the NuNi nursing pad for up to 3 months. After about three months of use, it gradually loses its adhesive strength, but you can continue to use it without any problems as long as it stays on your breast sufficiently.

Yes! We have had our silicone pads tested and confirmed for skin compatibility by a renowned laboratory. The pads can be used without any concerns.

The nursing pad is made of skin-friendly silicone that is specifically approved for skin contact and a fine micro Velcro ring to which the nursing pads can be attached.

Yes, that's not a problem. However, if your little one is bothered by the fine Velcro ring while breastfeeding, simply remove the pad and nursing insert and place it next to you while breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, you can simply reattach it to your breast.

No, that is not possible. For the nursing pad we use the finest micro Velcro, which is very gentle on the skin and cannot hurt your little one.

Yes, the nursing pad is easiest to clean under lukewarm water (without soap). Then place it on the back of the pad with the adhesive side facing up on the included carrier to let it dry. Once the pad is dry, you can place it back on the carrier with the adhesive side facing down.

After use, you can simply place the nursing pad back on the included carrier.

Revolutionary nursing pads for restful sleep

For many women, breastfeeding is a special and intimate phase of their
Life. During this period, breastfeeding mothers can experience numerous
Challenges, one of which is the inevitable milk leaks
This is exactly where NuNi comes in.

Modell im Bett mit NuNi Stilleinlagen und Stillpads
Modell mit Baby im Bett mit NuNi Stilleinlagen und Stillpads

Unique innovation

NuNi is not just another nursing pad on the market; it is a true innovation for breastfeeding mothers. Instead of relying on traditional methods that require uncomfortable nursing bras, NuNi offers an advanced solution: a self-adhesive silicone pad.

Design meets function

NuNi's design is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally well thought out. It is shaped like a flower with a central opening for the nipple, which ensures that the sensitive nipple is not constricted or irritated. The pad adheres to the breast by itself thanks to a medical silicone adhesive. This adhesive is not only safe, but also long-lasting and offers a reliable hold for up to three months.

Simple application

Using NuNi is extremely simple: simply place the pad directly on the breast, with the nipple protruding through the central opening. A fine Velcro ring attached around this opening allows the nursing pad to be easily attached. This ensures that the nursing pad stays in place during the night (or even during the day) without the need for a constricting nursing bra.

Advantages of NuNi

  1. Comfort : NuNi offers women the luxury of not having to wear an uncomfortable nursing bra, especially at night or when the breast is swollen and painful due to milk congestion.
  2. Discretion : NuNi's flat design ensures that it remains almost invisible under clothing.
  3. Skin-friendly : The medical silicone adhesive is not only effective but also gentle on the skin.
  4. Reusability : The longevity of the silicone adhesive means that NuNi can be reused for up to three months before it gradually loses its adhesive strength.