It's me

Home is where the BRA is

... kind of - right? Get up, put on the bra, put in the nursing pad, feed the little one, brush your teeth, put the nursing bra back on, put in the nursing pad... and then start again.

And it doesn’t have to be that way!

If it weren't for this bra...

.. then I would at least be a little more relaxed for the few hours that I can sleep. Unfortunately, after the birth of my first daughter Ella there was no alternative.. well, the alternative was: no bra, wet T-shirt and wet bedsheet. Ergo: more washing. So: no.

But what then?! Sleeping with a bra on for months? Absolutely not! A solution had to be found.

the brainwave

As a qualified nurse, I also know a lot about wound care. And then one night (while wearing a bra) I had a sudden idea: I need a self-adhesive nursing pad so that I can FINALLY sleep without a nursing bra.

No sooner said than done: Google and... nothing. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Then I took the matter into my own hands with a lot of support from my husband and developed our nursing pad Nuni.