In addition to the comfortable NuNi nursing pads, sustainability must not be neglected. That is why we have entered into a partnership with "PLANT-MY-TREE".

In addition to convenience, sustainability should not be neglected. NuNi in combination with our NuNi fabric pads ensures less waste, as disposable nursing pads are no longer needed.

​NuNi pads and the fabric pads are reusable, washable and durable.

Transparency is important to us. We have chosen Oekotex Standard certified fabrics and skin-approved silicone for our materials.

Every package goes through our hands and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our partnership plants trees

We want to be a company that is passionate about sustainability and environmental protection. In our mission to make a positive contribution to climate protection and minimize our ecological footprint, we have entered into a partnership with PLANT-MY-TREE®.

Our focus is on reforestation in Germany because we firmly believe that each of us has a responsibility to protect our own environment. By working with PLANT-MY-TREE®, we are able to actively participate in the reforestation of forests and thus contribute to the improvement of the environment.

In order to increase our commitment to climate protection and to make our efforts CO2-neutral, we invest part of our profits every year in the partnership with PLANT-MY-TREE®. This investment enables us to plant even more trees and thus promote nature and biodiversity in our region.

We are proud to be part of this initiative and would like to encourage our customers to join us in protecting the environment. Every purchase from us helps us to further expand our partnership with PLANT-MY-TREE® and thus make a sustainable contribution to the preservation of our forests.