Make yourself comfortable

Using NuNi is child's play, you don't need any additional accessories or adhesives - all you need is our patented nursing pad to finally be able to sleep restfully without a nursing bra :)

How it works

Attach nursing pad

Carefully remove your NuNi from the included strap and attach it to your chest. It sticks on all by itself, so you don't need any additional glue or anything like that.

The pad should be placed so that your nipple is positioned in the center of the opening.

Attach the nursing pad

Choose between a disposable nursing pad or one of our pleasantly soft, washable nursing pads.

The NuNi Pads work with all commercially available disposable nursing pads.

Now attach our nursing pad - or a standard disposable nursing pad - by simply pressing it onto the NuNi's fine micro Velcro ring with a little pressure. The Velcro ring is firmly attached to the NuNi.


Now you can put on your favorite T-shirt and sleep comfortably without a nursing bra.

After a short time, you won’t even notice that you are wearing your NuNi.

Still unsure? No problem!

We are always there for you. Just send us a message via WhatsApp if you have any questions or would like to find out more about your future favorite piece - we look forward to talking to you :)

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