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      Revolutionary nursing pads for restful sleep without a nursing bra

      Breastfeeding is a special and intimate time in many women's lives. During this period, breastfeeding mothers can encounter numerous challenges, one of which is the inevitable milk leaks. This is exactly where NuNi comes in.

      Unique innovation

      NuNi is not just another nursing pad on the market; it is a true innovation for breastfeeding mothers. Instead of relying on traditional methods that require uncomfortable nursing bras, NuNi offers an advanced solution: a self-adhesive silicone pad.

      Modell im Bett mit NuNi Stilleinlagen und Stillpads ohne Still-BH
      Design meets function

      NuNi's design is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally well thought out. It is shaped like a flower with a central opening for the nipple, which ensures that the sensitive nipple is not constricted or irritated. The pad adheres to the breast by itself thanks to a medical silicone adhesive. This adhesive is not only safe, but also long-lasting and offers a reliable hold for up to three months.

      NuNi Stillpads zur Befestigung von Stilleinlagen ohne Still-BH

      Simple application

      Using NuNi is extremely simple: simply place the pad directly on the breast, with the nipple protruding through the central opening. A fine Velcro ring attached around this opening allows the nursing pad to be easily attached. This ensures that the nursing pad stays in place during the night (or even during the day) without the need for a constricting nursing bra.

      The advantages at a glance

      • Comfort: NuNi offers women the luxury of being able to do without the uncomfortable nursing bra, especially at night or when the breast is swollen and painful due to milk congestion.

      • Discretion: NuNi's flat design ensures that it remains almost invisible under clothing.

      • Skin-friendly: The medical silicone adhesive is not only effective but also gentle on the skin.

      • Reusability: The longevity of the silicone adhesive means that NuNi can be reused for up to three months before it gradually loses its adhesive strength.