Problems during breastfeeding - Interview with midwife Jennifer

Breastfeeding is a special phase in the life of a woman and her baby. However, during this time, various problems can arise that make breastfeeding difficult or uncomfortable. To learn more about these problems and possible solutions, I conducted an interview with Jennifer Janzen, an experienced midwife from Lippstadt.

Jennifer Janzen has been a midwife for 13 years and has already supported numerous women during their breastfeeding period. In addition to her work as a midwife, she also offers fitness classes with babies and postnatal classes. On average, she looks after 6-8 women per month.

In the interview, Jennifer was first asked about her personal opinion on the importance of breastfeeding. She emphasized that she finds breastfeeding to be something beautiful and has practiced it herself with her three children. She is 100% convinced of the benefits of breastfeeding, both in terms of the important nutrients for the baby and the intense bond between mother and child.

When asked how many of the women she cares for actually breastfeed, Jennifer replied that around 70% do. However, there are also women who do not breastfeed for various reasons. The most common reason is work. Many women return to work early and find it difficult to combine breastfeeding with their work. Some women also simply want to regain their freedom and therefore refuse to breastfeed.

Jennifer was also asked if breastfeeding behavior has changed in recent years. She mentioned that there are different trends in different countries. For example, in France there is no extended parental leave, which means many women resort to bottle feeding from the start.

As the interview continued, we talked about the most common problems that occur during breastfeeding. Jennifer explained that sore nipples are one of the most common problems, especially at the beginning of breastfeeding. The breast needs to get used to the baby's sucking. In addition, nipple irritation and engorgement can be common.

Women's insecurities and worries during breastfeeding often focus on the baby's drinking behavior. They are unsure how much their baby should drink and whether it is getting enough milk. Many first-time mothers are overwhelmed by this new situation.

To help women, Jennifer recommends various aids. For example, for sore nipples, she recommends using breast milk and drying them in the air. It is important not to wear tight nursing bras. Ointments such as Lansinoh or cooling pads/ointments can also provide relief. It is also important to try out different breastfeeding positions to relieve the pressure on the breast and ensure that all milk ducts are emptied. Silver caps can help with inflamed nipples as they have an anti-inflammatory effect and cool. If milk congestion is starting, Jennifer recommends warming the breast with a warm washcloth before breastfeeding and cooling it with a cooling pad immediately after breastfeeding. Massaging the breast in the shower can also help.

Finally, Jennifer stressed that it is important that women receive support and information during breastfeeding, whether from midwives, lactation consultants or other professionals. Through exchange and targeted advice, many problems can be solved and uncertainties reduced.

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful and rewarding time for mother and child, but it can also bring challenges. With the right support and information, many problems during breastfeeding can be overcome. Midwives like Jennifer Janzen play an important role in this by accompanying women, advising them and showing them solutions.

If you have problems or are unsure while breastfeeding, do not hesitate to contact a midwife or another specialist. They can give you advice and support and help you to enjoy this special time as much as possible.

We would like to thank Jennifer for her time, tips and tricks!

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